March 2013

Carbon Services
Quintessa is helping to address major challenges to the continued use of carbon-based fuels, including the geological storage of greenhouse gases and natural gas, through its decision support, geosciences, mathematical modelling and systems assessment services.

Scenarios for Potential Impacts from Hypothetical Leakage from CO2 Geological Storage Facilities

As a contribution to the European RISCS project, Quintessa staff have authored a report on scenarios for potential impacts that might be caused by hypothetical carbon dioxide leakage from geological storage facilities.

The RISCS project is running for 4 years (2010 - 2014) and is supported by the European Commission and a number of industrial partners. The project aims to improve understanding of how geological CO2 storage might possibly impact upon the environment. There are 24 participating organisations, including... Full Details

TESLA 2.1 Released

A major update of Quintessa's decision support software (TESLA Version 2.1) has been released incorporating a host of new features designed to make it easier to analyse, present and audit decisions.

TESLA is a software tool that supports the structured analysis of complex decisions using an approach founded on Evidence Support Logic (ESL). This approach has proved invaluable to decision makers faced with complex problems drawing on multiple and uncertain sources of evidence, such as encountered at the back end of... Full Details

CO2ReMoVe Closing Conference

The closing conference of CO2ReMoVe, an EU project on CO2 storage, was held in Paris on the 29th February 2012. The six-year project involved over 30 partners from research and industry organisations in Europe and beyond. A key conclusion is that results from all the sites indicate that underground CO2 storage can be carried out safely, with CO2 effectively contained in all storage projects studied. Operational irregularities, such as a small leakage from an old well, have not led to concerns about storage safety or permanence. Full Details

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Workshop

Richard Metcalfe gave an invited presentation on risk assessment for CO2 storage projects, at a technical workshop on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) that was held in Abu Dhabi on 7-8 September 2011.The meeting was convened by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and co-sponsored by the governments of Norway and the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss "Modalities and procedures for CCS in geological formations as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project activities", specifically to provide technical input to negotiations about whether or not CCS should be adopted as a... Full Details

Methane Release from Warming-induced Hydrate Dissociation

Kate Thatcher is the lead author on a paper ‘Methane release from warming-induced hydrate dissociation in the West Svalbard continental margin: Timing, rates, and geological controls’ that has been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Hundreds of plumes of methane bubbles emanate from an area of the seabed off West Svalbard that has become 1°C warmer over the last 30 years. The paper investigates the hypothesis that the methane in the plumes is derived from hydrate dissociated by ocean warming. Numerical models were used to simulate the response... Full Details

International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-11)

Richard Metcalfe, Alan Paulley and Hiroyasu Takase of Quintessa participated in the GHGT-11 conference on greenhouse gas technologies held in Kyoto, Japan between 18th and 22nd November 2012. They made presentations covering the wide range of Quintessa's activities in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), including results from projects concerning: structured scenario development to support Performance Assessment of CO2 storage; decision-making during site screening and performance assessment; fully-coupled systems-level modelling of CO2 storage; fully coupled modelling of impacts from hypothetical CO2 leakage; and knowledge... Full Details
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