Quintessa Update

May 2000

Following the successful completion of our first year as a provider of consultancy services to the radioactive waste sector, I would like to take the opportunity to provide an update of Quintessa's capabilities.

As proclaimed on our web site (www.quintessa.org) Quintessa aims to provide the highest quality consultancy and contract research, founded on a fundamental understanding of mathematics and science.

First and foremost we aim to achieve this by recruiting highly experienced staff, currently consisting of David Hodgkinson, David Savage and Steven Benbow in the UK, and Hiroyasu Takase, Manabu Inagaki and Toshihide Noguchi in Japan.

Also our approach is to work in partnership with a number of experienced associates and with individuals from organisations within our collaboration network in order to provide project teams with the right mix of experience and expertise for tackling problems for our clients.

Quintessa can play a role in key aspects of radioactive waste safety assessment and strategy development, in particular utilising our mathematical and geochemical research and consultancy services. Also, Quintessa is increasingly becoming involved with related problems in the Oil and Gas sector, such as carbon dioxide disposal.

Over the past year we have provided assistance to clients around the world on a broad range of topics, including:
  • Development and application of geochemical transport models.
  • Development and implementation of safety case strategies.
  • Review of performance assessments and research.
  • Development and application of groundwater flow and transport models.
  • ... more
If you think that Quintessa could be of service in these or other areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

David Hodgkinson

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