Quintessa Update

August 2001

Welcome to the Summer 2001 edition of Quintessa Update, the electronic newsletter of Quintessa Limited (
www.quintessa.org ).
Stakeholder Involvement in Decision Making
Over the past few years our clients in the nuclear and oil & gas sectors have increasingly become involved in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, and this has been reflected in projects undertaken by Quintessa. For example we have assisted clients with the issues of reversibility and retrievability, monitoring and improved presentation.

To strengthen our capabilities in this important area, Quintessa has recently formed an alliance with Greenstreet Berman Limited ( www.greenstreet.co.uk ).

Greenstreet Berman is a strategic risk management consultancy known for innovation, integrity and responsible implementation in the areas of risk assessment, risk communication and stakeholder involvement in decision making.

New Faces

Quintessa is pleased to welcome Mike Egan who, over a period of nearly 20 years, has tackled environmental risk management problems world-wide in the oil and gas, nuclear power generation, mining and process industries. Recently, the majority of his work has been related to the design and implementation of assessments for radioactive waste disposal, with a particular focus on the role of risk information in decision making.

Quintessa is pleased to welcome Andrew Bowden who has extensive geological and project management experience in mineral and oil & gas exploration world-wide and spent eight years with UK Nirex Limited as Manager for Geology in the characterisation of the Sellafield site in Cumbria. His special interests include geostatistics and the application of evidence based methods of uncertainty analysis to geological interpretation.

Andrew will join with Dave Savage in spearheading Quintessa's geoscience activities, with support from associate consultants including John Black and Adrian Bath, and from the British Geological Survey.


Congratulations to Peter Grindrod of numbercraft Limited for his winning entry to our nuclear waste Haiku competition:

Precious elements
once our source of power
deserve a decent burial

Our summer quiz consists of two cryptic crosswords to keep your mind active while lying on the beach!