Alan Paulley

Alan Paulley
Location: Warrington

Alan trained in Chemical and Theoretical Physics and obtained BSc and PhD degrees from Sheffield University. Since the late 1990s, Alan has been providing assessment, research and strategic decision-support advice to clients in the UK and overseas. Alan’s main areas of experience are in radioactive waste management, radioactively contaminated land, site decommissioning and restoration strategies, and the underground storage of carbon dioxide. A particular area of interest concerns helping clients make progress when faced with decisions that are subject to significant uncertainties. For example, Alan has recently supported major optimisation and assessment studies for radioactive waste management facilities in support of Environmental Safety Case submissions, and has had a leading role in projects using the Evidence Support Logic (ESL) technique to assist assessment and investment decisions for carbon dioxide capture and underground storage systems, and radioactive waste legacy facility management and decommissioning plans.


As his current clients are unlikely to fund his ongoing interest in theoretical chemistry and physics, keeping up with those topics is a matter for his spare time. He is also involved in an interesting experiment that proves that plants chosen by natural selection can perform better than plants chosen by allotment owners. He follows cricket and football teams that typically show similar levels of success.