Alex Bond

Alex Bond
Location: Warrington

Alex is a geologist by training, and has an academic background covering physical natural sciences and hydrogeology, leading into a PhD in complex non-linear numerical analysis of groundwater flow in fractured rocks. Through his work for BNFL and Quintessa, Alex has gained considerable practical experience of modelling at all scales of interest required for understanding environmental systems, ranging from highly detailed coupled analysis to whole-system analysis techniques. Currently Alex specialises in coupled numerical analysis of thermal-hydraulic mechanical systems primarily focussed on radioactive waste management, the geological storage of carbon dioxide and support to nuclear reactor safety cases.  Alex is also responsible for developing a number of QPAC modules and is leading a growing company capability in the application of COMSOL®.  He also participates, on behalf of a range of clients, in international research projects addressing issues around coupled modelling in radioactive waste and carbon dioxide storage, and is currently the Technical Secretary for DECOVALEX-2019. In addition to his consultancy work Alex also provides international training on the use and application of GoldSim for environmental impact assessment.


In addition to his primary technical work, Alex has a particular interest in modern scientific visualisation techniques, particularly interactive 4D approaches. Alex is a fair weather runner, a lapsed rower and has a keen interest in both ancient and modern history.