Claire Watson

Claire Watson

A mathematical modeller and software developer, Claire has a PhD in fluid dynamics from the University of Birmingham; her thesis was on instabilities in curved, heated mixing layers.  Claire has extensive experience of designing and building scientific software applications, including decision support tools, visualisation software and custom modelling tools.  In addition, she is project manager for the development of the general-purpose in-house modelling tool QPAC.  Rather than simply being a software developer, Claire, like others at Quintessa, is also a mathematical modeller and actively uses software tools developed by herself and others for scientific research.  Claire’s modelling efforts are usually targetted at interactions between materials (both natural and engineered) present in underground systems, for example, cement, clay, steel and fractured crystalline rocks.


Claire’s main interest is reactive-transport modelling, particularly of cement-clay-rock and/or steel-clay-rock systems of the type commonly found in underground nuclear waste repositories. Other interests include the emphasis of user-friendliness and ease-of-use when developing complex scientific software tools; and the visualisation of modelling results in an accessible and useful manner.