George Towler

George Towler
Location: Warrington

George trained in Earth Sciences (Cambridge University) and Environmental Monitoring and Modelling (Manchester University). Since 2000, George has worked in the nuclear industry supporting the development of site understanding, undertaking safety assessments and developing safety cases, and supporting strategy development and option assessments. His areas of expertise include site geo-environmental data analysis and interpretation, using systematic approaches to develop conceptual models, and detailed underpinning and assessment level modelling using codes such as FEFLOW, QPAC, AMBER and GoldSim. He has applied this expertise to a range of problems including geological interpretation, hydrological and groundwater flow modelling, coupled gas generation and multi-phase flow modelling, and modelling the evolution of contaminated sites and engineered radioactive waste disposal systems for clients in the UK and overseas including LLWR, Sellafield Ltd, DSRL, Magnox, Andra and NWMO. 


George is particularly interested in developing improved understanding of environmental systems by combining multiple sources of evidence and testing this understanding using coupled total systems models. Quintessa’s QPAC code is enabling George to better understand environmental systems by developing coupled total systems models that have not been possible using other codes. George is keen to further develop such models and apply them to a wider range of sites and environmental systems.