James Wilson

James Wilson
Location: Warrington

James has a BSc in Environmental Geology from Royal Holloway, University of London and a PhD in Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Bristol.  His PhD research included hydrothermal experimentation and thermodynamic modelling of iron-bentonite interactions under conditions relevant to a high-level radioactive waste repository. James worked as a researcher at the Natural History Museum and then held the post of Senior Environmental Scientist in the Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division of the Health Protection Agency, where he specialised in human health risk assessment for chemical contaminants. At Quintessa, James specialises in the geochemical aspects of radioactive waste management, the modelling of near-field barrier evolution and human health risk assessment for chemotoxic substances.   


James is especially interested in applying science to environmental problems. In his spare time he enjoys: playing the guitar; re-arranging classic rock music for the ukulele; constructing diddley-bows; and reading books on eastern philosophy.