Kate Thatcher

Kate Thatcher
Location: Warrington

Kate has a degree in earth sciences from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in hydrogeology from the University of Birmingham. During her PhD research, Kate developed skills in multiphase flow modelling of the unsaturated zone, which she then applied in post-doctoral studies of Arctic methane hydrates and CO2 storage in saline aquifers. Kate is now a Senior Consultant in Quintessa's Warrington office where she is working on projects that include whole repository modelling of geological disposal facilities, soil-plant models to assess the effects of leakage from CO2 storage and thermal models of spent fuel to aid decisions about storage facility design.


Kate is interested in the natural world and how we can use technology to minimise the effects of human activities on the planet. Frequent trips to Birmingham for choral singing, Germany to visit family and a weekly commute over the Pennines mean that Kate's carbon footprint however, is not helping the planet. In the Warrington office, Kate is responsible for a growing interest in the board game Ricochet Robots.