Laura Limer

Laura Limer
Location: Warrington

Laura is a mathematician whose passion for environmental science led to postgraduate studies in ecological modelling. Laura originally joined Quintessa’s Warrington office in 2007 and, after having worked as an associate whilst living in Shanghai during 2011-2013, rejoined Quintessa in January 2014. Her PhD thesis was on the potential impact on the soil carbon cycle of biodiversity in soil food webs, making her well placed to become involved in projects relating to C-14, ranging from literature reviews and comparisons of existing models through to model development and C-14 specific assessments. As well as considerable involvement in numerous safety assessments, she has led international collaborative biosphere modelling studies within the BIOPROTA forum, and performed reviews of the behaviour in the biosphere of specific radionuclides of interest for nuclear waste disposal. Laura has been involved in a review of the biosphere aspects of SKB’s SR-Site safety assessment and has worked on projects relating to soil-plant models used to assess the effects of potential leakage from CO2 storage sites.


Laura is a keen hiker, and enjoys exploring the British countryside with or without her children in tow. Closer to home, she is a keen gardener, teaching the children that food does not just come from the supermarket, and bakes regularly as a way to "rescue" overripe fruits.