Neil Chittenden

Neil Chittenden

Neil studied mathematics and computing at the University of Bath and is part of the mathematical modelling and software development team at Quintessa. He is a member of the development team for QPAC (Quintessa s general purpose modelling tool), and has applied QPAC in a variety of mathematical modelling projects. This has included working on reactive transport and hydrogeological modelling tasks for European and Japanese clients, including Andra, NDA/RWM, JAEA and SSM, and for the RISCS and FORGE EU Framework projects. Neil has experience in software development for scientific modelling applications and general application development for Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms, as well as expertise in the development of web‑based applications, using a wide range of programming languages. He is a lead software developer for AMBER (Quintessa's general-purpose compartment modelling package) and Quintessa's internal web-based information system QIS. Neil also has a range of IT skills and experience in configuration and management of numerous technologies through managing a heterogeneous corporate network in his role as deputy IT-coordinator at Quintessa.


Neil is interested in the latest scientific and technological developments and enjoys a kickabout at five-a-side footy.