Paul Suckling

Paul Suckling

Paul Suckling trained in mathematics and theoretical physics at the University of Birmingham, and has a PhD in fluid dynamics and capillary flow. Prior to joining Quintessa he undertook postdoctoral research in Belgium in the fields of molecular dynamics and educational software development. Since joining the Henley-on-Thames office of Quintessa, Paul has worked on mathematical modelling and software development projects including: statistical modelling of graphite properties in reactor cores; development of web-based knowledge management software; and the implementation of gas generation models for the Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organisation and NDA Radioactive Waste Management Limited. In addition, Paul manages Quintessa's decision support software, TESLA.


Paul has a broad interest in science and technology and likes to keep up to date with the latest developments in web technologies and fundamental science. He enjoys spending holiday time in Cyprus and Japan where he has strong family connections, and regularly attends the annual DouDou festival in Mons, Belgium. Also, Paul is an avid salsa dancer.