Philip Maul

Philip Maul

Philip has a first degree in mathematics and a PhD in environmental engineering.  He spent the first half of his career in the UK electricity supply industry working on problems associated with environmental impacts from different ways of generating electricity, from modelling the impacts of acid rain caused by burning fossil fuels to providing policy advice on radioactive waste management and reactor decommissioning for nuclear power stations.  The second half of his career has been spent in scientific consultancy and he currently concentrates on managing projects that involve statistical and mathematical modelling of complex systems.  He has contributed to the development of Quintessa’s expertise in the field of geological systems for the storage of carbon dioxide and has led the company’s work on helping to demonstrate the continuing safety of the UK’s graphite-cooled nuclear reactor fleet. 


Philip is a former county chess player (a game of perfect information) and in his spare time he now concentrates on cycling and bridge (decisions under uncertainty!). He gets his best ideas in the early mornings whilst cooking bacon on campsites.