Russell Walke

Russell Walke

Russell has an MSc in Environmental Analysis and Assessment from Imperial College, London, building on a first degree in Environmental Biology. Since graduating from Imperial in 1999, he has worked as an environmental consultant, specialising in the assessment of radioactivity in the environment from near-surface and deep waste disposal facilities, contaminated land, routine and accidental releases. Russell provides biosphere assessment support to Nagra, RWM, SSM and JAEA. He participates in international collaborative work to improve biosphere modelling, most recently via the IAEA MODARIA programmes, and forms part of the technical secretariat to BIOPROTA.

In addition to biosphere expertise, Russell led the total-systems safety assessment modelling for NWMO’s proposed geological disposal facility near the Bruce Site in Canada. He has also participated as an IAEA expert and delivered training in safety assessment through over fifteen international missions and courses.

Russell is an experienced project manager and manages a large area of work relating to Quintessa’s support to EDF Energy’s inspection and safety case programme for its fleet of Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (AGRs) in the UK. He managed the development and support of the AMBER compartment modelling code for over fifteen years and manages the PRISM food chain modelling software.


Russell is a qualified football coach, enjoys open water swimming and cycling to work. He is dedicated to exploring the feasibility of critical exposure group habits by growing fruit and vegetables on his allotment. He also enjoys camping with his young family, reading modern classics and walking in the Chilterns.