Steven Benbow

Steven Benbow

Steve is a mathematician with qualifications covering a range of disciplines from pure mathematics to the study of nonlinear partial differential equations and numerical analysis.  His PhD thesis was on efficient solvers for groundwater flow modelling applications. Steve has worked on the coupled modelling of engineered barriers and natural analogues for a number of radioactive waste organisations including Andra, DSRL, JAEA, Nagra, NDA RWM, NUMO, NWMO, OPG, SKI/SSM and STUK. In the area of carbon storage, Steve has modelled the effects of interactions between carbon dioxide and geological and engineered materials, and developed the online database of features, events and processes. He enjoys working in new areas where the application of mathematics can help to deliver benefits to business and their clients, and recently led Quintessa's work on optimisation of Wave Energy Converter designs. Steve has extensive experience of scientific software development. He is a an architect and developer of the QPAC general-purpose modelling tool, the CABARET reactive transport modelling tool, the TESLA decision-support software and GraphGrabber, in addition to a number of custom software tools.


Steve keeps up to date with the academic literature, mainly while in Henley traffic jams. Currently he is working up some thoughts on the relationship between finite element and finite volume methods applied to Darcy flow, but don’t expect them any time soon. Steve is a keen football and squash player, although his powers are weakening with age. However he is a strong believer in conservation principles so he must be getting better at something else, but has yet to discover what this is.