Vicky Gaskin

Vicky Gaskin
Location: Warrington

Vicky has worked as an environmental consultant for over twenty five years both within the nuclear sector and commercial consultancy covering a range of other highly regulated industries. She enjoys assessing complex sites and developing coherent land quality and site restoration management strategies underpinned by pragmatic work plans. Vicky also enjoys researching and path finding new approaches and solutions to resolve difficult challenges and uses her experience of both radiological and chemical environmental impacts to ensure a holistic approach. She has been part of, as well as managed, many collaborative working teams involving a range of stakeholders to meet evolving regulatory expectations. Vicky also has considerable experience in the design and practical implementation of site characterisation and monitoring programmes and has developed technical guidance and specifications to support their delivery as well as monitoring the performance of contractors during implementation. Vicky is currently an employee-elected trustee on Quintessa’s Employee Ownership Trust board.


Vicky loves being outside in the elements either walking, cycling or fell trotting (you couldn’t call it running). She also enjoys gardening and occasionally manages to outwit all the slugs, birds, bugs and bacteria to nurture a whole meal from the vegetable patch. More sedentary activities involve sketching, a long-standing interest in natural history and meeting up with friends for a well-earned craft ale.