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Welcome to the Spring 2007 edition of Quintessa Update, the electronic newsletter of Quintessa Limited

Move to The Hub
On the 23rd April Quintessa's head office moved to two suites within The Hub, 14 Station Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1AY. Only the postal address has changed; all telephone & fax numbers and email addresses remain the same. The Hub is located next to the train station, and is a short walking distance from the River Thames and the town centre. The Hub, Henley-on-Thames

Plutonium Contaminated Materials
Waste Canisters Quintessa is currently providing support to British Nuclear Group in assessing options for the long-term management of plutonium contaminated materials that are produced and stored as wastes on the Sellafield site. Our ability to deliver a high quality service and our credibility as independent service providers within the nuclear industry were amongst the key factors mentioned by British Nuclear Group as being influential in awarding this work. Our role is to provide guidance, independent facilitation, audit and assurance for the public consultation process and the subsequent technical evaluation of alternative management strategies. A stakeholder Briefing Note and more detailed Information Note have been produced as an input to the consultation process and are currently available for download from the British Nuclear Group website. For more information, please contact British Nuclear Group.

Waste Characterisation and Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant
Storage Vessels Quintessa has recently completed a PHARE project to improve the characterisation of radioactive waste at Cernavoda nuclear power plant (NPP) in Romania. Working closely with NPP personnel of the Radiation Control Service / Health Physics Department, Quintessa together with our partners Decom (Slovakia), Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), Mate-Fin (Romania) and WERT (Slovakia):
  • specified a concept for a waste characterisation assay system and assisted in its installation and commissioning;
  • developed reliable methodologies for radioactive waste characterisation; and
  • defined a preliminary radionuclide inventory for wastes based on their potential disposal route.
For more information, please contact James Penfold

European flag The European Union supports Romania with expertise and financial resources, through three specific programmes: Phare, Ispa and Sapard. The beneficiary sectors vary from regional development and SME support, to investments in transport and environmental infrastructure and rural development. The funds are managed by the Romanian authorities, under the coordination of the Ministry for Public Finance.

Version 1.8 of TESLA released
TESLA Screenshots Quintessa has released Version 1.8 of its decision support software, TESLA. Uniquely, TESLA includes several different decision analysis methods such as Evidence Support Logic (ESL) and Multi-Attribute Analysis (MAA, also known as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis). The latest release benefits from practical experience of using TESLA in BPEO options studies. New features have been introduced to make TESLA easier to use in workshop situations allowing information to be recorded more efficiently and presented more effectively. Users with existing licences less than a year old can upgrade for free; other users can purchase or renew licences online. A demonstration copy of TESLA for Windows is available for free download here. For further details please contact Claire Watson.

New Faces
Paul Suckling and Jackie Outram Quintessa is pleased to welcome Paul Suckling and Jackie Outram to the Henley office. Paul trained in mathematics and theoretical physics and has carried out post-doctoral research on fluid dynamics and the development of media-rich educational software. Jackie is a qualified Chartered Accountant with broad experience of all aspects of financial management and control, and is Quintessa's Financial Controller.