Christmas 2005

Welcome to the Christmas 2005 edition of Quintessa Update, the electronic newsletter of Quintessa Limited.

Visit by Dr Shang Zhaorong of the Nuclear Safety Centre, China

Dr Shang Zhaorong of the Nuclear Safety Centre in China recently spent two weeks at QuintessaÂ’s Henley-on-Thames office under the auspices of the IAEA and the British Council. The purpose of the visit was training and support in the application of AMBER to verify the safety and environmental impact assessment for the Chinese Beilong LILW near-surface disposal facility as part of its license application for commercial operation.

TESLA downloads

TESLA, Quintessa's software tool designed to aid the process of complex decision making, is available to download as a restricted free trial version from the new-look TESLA website. In addition, a full licence can now be purchased over the website using secure credit card payments powered by PayPal. For more information about TESLA, please contact

Paul Grimwood

Quintessa is pleased to welcome Paul Grimwood as an Associate Consultant. Paul has extensive experience of low level radioactive waste management, including acting as Technical Manager for the Drigg facility in West Cumbria.

Facilitation Support for CoRWM

Quintessa is currently providing assistance in the provision of facilitation support to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM). The terms of reference for CoRWM require the committee to review the potential options for managing UK radioactive wastes and to recommend an option, or combination of options, that will protect people and the environment. For more information, please contact contact Mike Egan.

COWAM 2: A Participatory Approach to Radioactive Waste Management

At the recent ICEM05 conference, Mike Egan presented the work of the EC COWAM 2 project elaborating upon a participatory methodology to pursue the objective of studying and defining mechanisms for local actors to 'stretchÂ’ national players in decision making for radioactive waste management.

Dounreay Shaft Isolation Project: Groundwater Modelling

Quintessa and URS Corporation have been awarded a contract to develop groundwater flow models in the vicinity of the D1225 Shaft at Dounreay, a historic facility for Intermediate Level radioactive Waste (ILW). These models will support the Post-Closure Safety Case for the Shaft following retrieval of the waste, and as predictive tool to assist in the design and installation of a low permeability grout curtain around the Shaft. For more information, please contact Sarah Watson or Alex Bond.

Free Downloadable Version of AMBER

A freely downloadable restricted demonstration version has been developed for the AMBER compartment modelling software that Quintessa supports in collaboration with Enviros Consulting Limited Please click here to be taken to the download page, which is hosted on the Quintessa-online website. For more information, please contact Russell Walke.

Wishing all our friends around the world a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.