Quintessa Update

December 2000

Welcome to the Christmas 2000 edition of Quintessa Update, the electronic newsletter of Quintessa Limited (

New Faces

Quintessa is delighted to welcome the following highly experienced consultants who add breadth and depth to our strategic and safety assessment capabilities, especially for radioactive waste management and disposal.

Philip Maul has experience in strategic and quantitive assessment studies related to energy production and the environment ...more
Richard Little has experience in the assessment of the environmental impacts of radioactive and non-radioactive contaminants ...more
Peter Robinson has developed and applied a range of mathematical models and software for repository performance assessment ...more

Quintessa and Enviros QuantiSci have signed an agreement to work together to develop and support AMBER , - the flexible software tool for modelling the migration, degradation and fate of contaminants in the environment... more


Quintessa has developed Raiden - a geochemical transport code designed for fully-coupled flow and transport problems in geochemically evolving 1D regions... more

We Have Moved!

On the 7th December 2000, Quintessa moved its offices in Henley-on-Thames to: Dalton House, Newtown Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1HG. The telephone and fax numbers remain the same.

Christmas Competition

Write a Haiku about radioactive waste and win a rare bottle of Quintessa whisky! For advice on writing a Haiku please click here. Please send your entry to David Hodgkinson before the end of January 2001. Congratulations to Mikael Jensen of SSI for winning the Summer Holiday Quiz. The correct solution was '23 and 239'.