Raiden3 - fully coupled reactive geochemical transport and flow code Developed

Raiden3 is the latest evolution of Quintessa's fully coupled reactive geochemical transport and flow code.



Previous versions of Raiden have been used on a variety of projects for Japanese and European clients; for example to model the geochemical evolution of engineered barriers, natural analogues and CO2 sequestration scenarios. Geochemical evolution can be modelled using a range of user-defined kinetic mechanisms, instantaneous reaction mechanisms and ion exchange for minerals, and coupled porewater chemistry. Flows in the system are fully coupled to the evolving geochemistry through variations in porosity, but can be decoupled and imposed on the system if desired. Geochemical properties and transport properties can be specified to be time/temperature/chemistry dependent using user-defined expressions.

Raiden3 uses a finite difference discretisation of the underlying equations based on a compartmental spatial grid to offer great flexibility when modelling complex 3D geometries. Standard quasi-uniform discretisations of 2D and 3D systems can also be made easily.