Quintessa provides technical and strategic consultancy, research and software to facilitate a low carbon energy future.

Quintessa and DECOVALEX-2023

Quintessa is pleased to announce its strongest ever participation in DECOVALEX. DECOVALEX is an industry leading collaboration between waste management organisations, regulators, research institutes and consultants to build understanding in modelling complex coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical processes (THMC). Running since 1992, the project is going from strength to strength now with 17 funding organisations, 7 diverse and challenging tasks and 50 research teams. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the next phase of the project (DECOVALEX-2023) was able to hold its first workshop 'virtually' and make progress in starting the technical work. Full Details

CO₂ FEP database now open access

The Generic CO₂ Geological Storage Database of Features, Events and Processes (FEPs), developed by Quintessa, is now open access. It provides a tool to support the assessment of long-term safety and performance of geological carbon dioxide (CO₂) storage. Full Details

Machine Learning to Estimate Biomechanical Forces

Mark Pogson from Quintessa has co-authored a research paper in the journal Medical Engineering & Physics, which uses machine learning to estimate forces exerted on the body while running, based on data from a body-worn sensor. Full Details

Addressing Climate and Environmental Change in Post-closure Safety Assessment of Solid Radioactive Waste Disposal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published a new technical document providing a common framework for addressing long-term climate and environmental change in post-closure safety assessments of solid radioactive waste disposal. The document reflects the output of Working Group 6 of an IAEA programme on Modelling and Data for Radiological Impact Assessments (MODARIA), which ran from 2012 to 2015. Full Details

Did you know...?
Quintessa develops free software

Employee News

Quintessa is pleased to announce that Jenny Burrow rejoined Quintessa in March and Louise Bruffell, a former placement student, has rejoined in August. Further, due to our continued success in winning work, we are currently looking to recruit a geoscientist.

As part of our commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity and respect for all individuals, Quintessa is pleased to have been able to: support the University of Bath's Week of Women in Science; help put a face to the 1 million women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) across the UK as part of WISE's #1ofTheMillion Day; and support participation in the Innovate4Manchester competition.