Scientific Software Development Services

Quintessa provides a range of scientific software development services including general-purpose software products, in-house mathematical modelling tools, custom software applications, and online modelling tools and databases.

Our growing scientific software development portfolio includes:

  • AMBER - flexible compartmental modelling software product
  • TESLA - software product supporting complex decisions with uncertain evidence
  • QPAC - general-purpose modelling tool for rapid prototyping
  • Custom - software tailored to specific client needs
  • Online - applications and databases
  • Downloads - documentation and software including free (non-commercial) software, e.g. GraphGrabber, Portfolio Picker and the Laplace Transform inverter tool LATIN

Our commercial software is developed under a Quality Management System accredited to TickITplus scheme and the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, and is engineered in a structured manner by small project teams that include both software developers and domain experts. In order to broaden the range of solutions provided to our clients, we also collaborate with a range of third-party software vendors.