Mathematical Consulting

Mathematics lies at the heart of Quintessa. Our mathematical consulting services cover mathematical modelling and simulation, statistical modelling, operational research, analytics & data science, and the development and application of software. Our experienced mathematicians make connections across diverse fields, using the most appropriate approaches and bringing innovative thinking to all our work.

In collaboration with clients we are able to formulate novel problems in mathematical and/or statistical terms, select the most appropriate techniques and tools, and apply these intelligently to yield fresh insights and analyses. We have applied mathematical and statistical techniques ranging from ‘back of the envelope’ estimates to the solution of sets of differential and algebraic equations describing strongly coupled interacting processes, and our software development team is able to incorporate the underlying models into either custom or general-purpose software packages.

A key element of our role as mathematical consultants is to provide an interface between clients and the generators of fundamental knowledge in universities and research institutes. By communicating with both academia and industry we are able to provide effective solutions to our clients in a business-like fashion. We aim to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that appropriate solutions are developed even if the problem is poorly defined at the outset.