Helping Organisations Resolve Complex Issues

Decisions are typically subject to a range of options, benefits, disadvantages and uncertainties. This is particularly the case for complex decisions concerning strategy and optimisation where both the inputs and the outcomes appear uncertain. Quintessa specialises in helping organisations resolve the key elements underpinning complex decisions primarily in areas relevant to our experience.

We have experience of ‘making a difference’ in  designing decision processes that take account of the relevant factors, from organisational requirements through to technical uncertainties, conflicting information, and competing demands from stakeholders. Our decision support consultants combine best practice in stakeholder engagement and meeting facilitation with in-depth knowledge of the underlying technical issues, in order to apply a ‘data to decisions’ philosophy that goes beyond what can be achieved by facilitation expertise alone.

Our experience emphasises the benefit of following systematic approaches to highlight the key factors involved in differentiating between options and justifying decisions. We’re able to provide, valuable insights for complex decisions where the evidence base is highly uncertain, incomplete, conflicting or only partially relevant through decision modelling approaches including Evidence Support Logic (ESL) that is incorporated into our TESLA software.

As in the financial world, scientifically-based organisations often need to pursue a portfolio of options that take account of a range of constraints and opportunities. Our experienced consultants are able to support such decisions using portfolio selection techniques, and our software development team can develop software tailored to specific classes of decision.