Challenges needing lateral thinking & mathematical analysis

Quintessa is a company of problem solvers and we take pride in our ability to develop innovative solutions to complex technical issues, both within and outside our core sectors. Mathematics and statistics lies at the heart of Quintessa, and facilitates lateral thinking, helping us to make connections across diverse fields.

Please challenge Quintessa to find a solution to a complex technical issue that might benefit from lateral thinking and mathematical analysis.

For example, portfolio selection is usually associated with financial markets; however, the same concepts and mathematical methods can be applied to selecting the optimal combination of channels to inspect in a nuclear reactor, environmental sampling locations, or the extraction of knowledge from large pharmaceutical datasets. Similarly, we have experience of a wide range of techniques for analysing the effects of uncertainty and variability that can be used to understand the behaviour of complex systems arising in diverse contexts.

A core area for innovation at Quintessa is the application of statistical modelling techniques to deliver data analysis and software tools together with associated consultancy support to clients in a range of sectors. Our statistical modelling consulting services can encompass the full spectrum of problem identification, formulation, software development/modelling and appraisal, or a subset of these as appropriate. Software solutions that are developed can either be an application based on existing modelling tools (e.g. R) or custom software such as the statistical modelling package BrickFit developed for EDF Energy. An example of Quintessa's statistical modelling is the development of CoreStats to model the evolution of the graphite core of Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) using a statistical modelling approach.