Quintessa provides technical and strategic consultancy, research and software to facilitate a low carbon energy future.

Support to EDFE

EDF Energy has received approval to start generating low carbon power again from its two Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) at Hunterston B power station in Ayrshire, Scotland. This follows a major, two-year inspection and investment programme to prove that the station can respond safely to a range of earthquake scenarios, far worse than the UK has experienced or are expected to occur. Quintessa's support has included demonstration of understanding and forecasting of the expected cracking emanating from the keyways of graphite bricks that has been observed at the Hunterston B reactors (termed keyway root cracks) and which provide key metrics for continued safe operation. Full Details

Alliance with Merlin

Quintessa and Merlin Energy Resources have formed a strategic alliance to identify and develop joint business opportunities based on their extensive experience in the energy sector spanning four decades. Both companies are employee-owned, being members of the Employee Ownership Association, and share common values including a passion for their work and a strong commitment to supporting the transition to low carbon energy. Full Details

Did you know...?
Quintessa likes a challenge

Traffic Flow Modelling

University of Bath student Adam Hazell developed the traffic flow modelling software, TrafficSim, during his industrial placement year with Quintessa. The software implements a novel way to model traffic, by allowing users to create and visualise an interlinked network of Nagel-Schrekenberg models, and run them at scale to produce relevant traffic flow data. It also allowed for the addition of road specific features such as traffic lights and right of way priority for a given road. Full Details

AMBER 6.5 Released

Quintessa is pleased to announce that the latest version of AMBER has been released. AMBER 6.5 offers users new functionality and a number of new features which includes the ability to play through, and export, a video of results rendered in AMBER's 3D View. Following user requests, we have begun to produce videos of the AMBER User Guide tutorials. These can be found on Quintessa Limited's YouTube page. Full Details

Quintessa supporting Sellafield's EIF

Quintessa is one of the ten Supply Chain Partners who have been awarded a contract on Sellafield Ltd's Enabling Innovation Framework 4. The Framework scope covers initial identification of a business need through problem definition and the provision of focused technical and digital support/solutions and subsequent support to key decision making. Full Details