Quintessa is Supporting Sellafield's Enabling Innovation Framework

Quintessa are pleased to announce that we are one of the ten Supply Chain Partners who have been awarded a contract on Sellafield Ltd's Enabling Innovation Framework 4. The official press release from Sellafield is given below.

The Enabling Innovation Framework 4 has been awarded by Sellafield Ltd. The Framework scope covers initial identification of a business need through problem definition and the provision of focused technical and digital support / solutions and subsequent support to key decision making.

The Framework is focused on the enabling of innovation rather than the delivery of innovation i.e. developing the parameters and mechanisms which will allow the achievement of innovation.

The Framework has a maximum value of £19m over a period of a maximum of four years, and the ten Enabling Innovation Framework Supply Chain Partners are:

Duncan Steel, Chief Technology Officer said:

The Enabling Innovation Framework brings together supply chain partners with broad experience and expertise to provide input, innovation and challenge to Sellafield Ltd. We look forward to working with the supply chain partners in a collaborative manner to deliver both strategic and tactical value in support of the organisational mission.