10th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies - GHGT10

Quintessa will be participating in the 10th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT10) to be held in Amsterdam in September 2010

The following papers were presented:

  • Fully Coupled Modelling of Long Term Cement Well Seal Stability in the Presence of CO2 (Authors: Dave Savage, Steven Benbow, Richard Metcalfe, Colin Walker and Paul Suckling (All Quintessa))
  • Systematic FEP and Scenario Analysis to Provide a Framework for Assessing Long-term Performance of the Krechba CCS System at In Salah (Authors: Alan Paulley, Richard Metcalfe, Laura Limer (All Quintessa))
  • Experience of the Application of a Database of Generic Features, Events and Processes (FEPs) Targeted at Geological Storage of CO2 (Authors: Russell Walke, Richard Metcalfe, Laura Limer, Philip Maul, Dave Savage (All Quintessa))
  • Advanced KMS for Knowledge Sharing and Building Confidence in CCS (Authors: Hiroyasu Takase (Quintessa),  Ian G. McKinley (McKinley Consuting), Julia West (British Geological Survey),  Tsukasa Kumagai (JGC Corporation), Makoto Akai (AIST))
  • Potential impact of CO2 storage on subsurface microbial ecosystems and implications for groundwater quality (Authors: Julia West (British Geological Survey), Christopher Rochelle (British Geological Survey), Alex Bond (Quintessa), Laura Limer (Quintessa) Hiroyasu Takase (Quintessa), James Wilson (Quintessa) and Ian McKinley (McKinley Consulting))