End State of the Chapelcross Site

The 'End State' of a nuclear site is its physical condition when decommissioning and clean-up has finished. It might include infrastructure and buildings as well as any residual contamination or waste.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Agency (NDA) has asked Site Stakeholder Groups (SSGs) to determine their views on End States, and make recommendations to NDA by 31 March 2007.

British Nuclear Group has commissioned Quintessa (with support from Faulkand Associates) to help the Chapelcross SSG review the End State for the site. The team has proposed an approach based around a 'Best Practicable Environmental Option' method and which adopts best practice guidance. The approach has been accepted by the SSG, which has issued consultation documents prepared with the assistance of Quintessa and Faulkand Associates. A broad consultation is now taking place for completion in January 2007. The SSG will then hold a 'Decision Conference' to review feedback and determine it's recommendation.

Details of the End State consultation are published on the Chapelcross SSG website.

Image Courtesy of Magnox Ltd.