IEAGHG Risk Management and Environmental Research Network Meeting

Richard Metcalfe and George Towler participated in a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IAEGHG) Risk Management Network and Environmental Research Network combined meeting that was hosted at the University of Southampton, National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) and was attended by 60-70 delegates from 10 countries.

Key points from the meeting included:

  • Mervyn Wright of National Grid Carbon (NGC) and Richard Metcalfe presented the White Rose risk assessment undertaken Quintessa.
  • Owain Tucker of Shell gave an overview of how Quintessa’s decision support tool, TESLA, in the proposed UK demonstration project at Peterhead.
  • A key issue for CCS projects is the provision of financial security, namely the sum of money that an operator or “competent authority” must set aside to cover the costs of things going wrong.
  • Although implementation of CCS continues to be held back by slow political / policy-making progress, it is clear that if we are to mitigate climate change due to CO2 emissions, there must be a large-scale roll-out of CCS eventually.

Image courtesy of IPCC.