International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-11)

Richard Metcalfe, Alan Paulley and Hiroyasu Takase of Quintessa participated in the GHGT-11 conference on greenhouse gas technologies held in Kyoto, Japan between 18th and 22nd November 2012.  They made presentations covering the wide range of Quintessa's activities in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), including results from projects concerning: structured scenario development to support Performance Assessment of CO2 storage; decision-making during site screening and performance assessment; fully-coupled systems-level modelling of CO2 storage; fully coupled modelling of impacts from hypothetical CO2 leakage; and knowledge management in the CCS field.

Quintessa contributed to the following GHGT-11 papers:

Metcalfe R, Paulley A, Suckling PM, and Watson CE. 2013. A tool for integrating and communicating performance-relevant information in CO2 storage projects: description and application to In Salah.  Energy Procedia. In press.

Metcalfe R , Bond AE, Maul PR and Paulley A. 2013. Whole-system process modelling of CO2 storage and its application to the In Salah CO2 storage site, Algeria. Energy Procedia. In press.

Paulley A, Metcalfe R, Egan M, Maul PR, Limer L, Grimstadd A-D and the RISCS Project Team. 2013. Hypothetical impact scenarios for CO2 leakage from storage sites. Energy Procedia. In press.

Bond AE, Metcalfe R, Maul PR, Suckling P, Thatcher K, Walke R, Smith K, Rasse D, Steven M and  Jones D. 2013. Systems analysis of field and laboratory experiments considering impacts of CO2 leakage in terrestrial systems.  Energy Procedia. In press.

Tucker O, Holley M, Metcalfe R, Hurst S. 2013. Containment risk management for CO2 storage in the Goldeneye depleted gas field, UK North Sea. Energy Procedia. In Press.

Shimada H, Kumagai T, Takase H, McKinley I, Someya S, Miyagawa T, Henderson A, and  McClowry S. 2013. Developing a CCS communication framework for Japan. Energy Procedia. In press.

Yamaguchi K,   Takizawa K,  Shiragaki O,  Xue Z,  Komaki H,  Metcalfe R,  Yamaguchi M,  Kato H,  and Ueta S. 2013 Features Events and Processes (FEPs) and scenario analysis in the field of CO2 storage. Energy Procedia. In press.

Wildenborg T, Chadwick A, Coninck H de, Deflandre J-P, Mathieson A, Metcalfe R, Schmidt-Hattenberger C, Wollenweber J. 2013. Key messages from active CO2 storage sites. Energy Procedia. In press.