Partnership with GoldSim Agreed

Quintessa is delighted to announce that it has signed an agreement to collaborate with the GoldSim Technology Group (GTG).

Together, we will seek to provide excellence in consultancy, training and support for the GoldSim software, to existing and new clients across the globe.

Our Complementary Skills

Both companies are committed to providing clients with the highest quality solutions, founded on the understanding that can be gained by simulating complex systems using state-of-the-art software. The GoldSim software developed by GTG complements Quintessa's experience in the development and application of models to address environmental and energy issues.

'The Right Model for the Job'

At Quintessa we recognise the importance of using the right software to evaluate each individual problem. If the model doesn't appropriately reflect the system being considered, its results can be misleading. We are therefore particularly pleased to be partners of GTG, as the addition of GoldSim to our existing suite of modelling tools further enhances our capability to develop the right models for a given issue of concern.

Key Features of GoldSim

  • Quantitatively address the inherent variability and uncertainty that is present in real-world systems (using Monte Carlo simulation).
  • Superimpose the occurrence and consequences of discrete events onto continuously varying systems.
  • Build top-down models using hierarchical containers that facilitate the simulation of large, complex systems while keeping them easy to understand and navigate.
  • Dynamically link external programs or spreadsheets directly into a GoldSim model.
  • Directly exchange data between any ODBC-compliant database and a GoldSim model.
  • Insert graphics, notes and hyperlinks (to documents, websites, and presentations) in order to clearly explain a model to diverse audiences.
  • Create custom designed graphical interfaces ('dashboards') to explain and demonstrate a model, and allow non-experts to use it.
  • Save models as files that anyone can view and run using a free application (the 'GoldSim Player').

Modularity and Evolution of GoldSim

The GoldSim software is built using a modular framework. Add on modules provide additional functionality for specialized users. New modules are continuously being developed by GTG to enhance the capabilities of the code. For example, an Optimisation module will shortly be available.

Breadth of Use of GoldSim

GoldSim has been used by and/or for a diverse set of customers and clients, including the U.S. Department of Energy, Bechtel, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Caterpillar, Caremark, EMC, DeBeers, Petrobras (Brazil), and Taisei Corporation (Japan). The software has also been used at almost 200 academic institutions in nearly 40 countries worldwide.