Hazardous Waste Disposal

Waste is generally considered hazardous if it (or the material or substances it contains) is harmful to humans or the environment. Understanding the properties of hazardous waste and how to handle and dispose of it correctly is essential for the assessment of environmental operational safety and safe functioning of the disposal facility, as well as the assessment of the consequences of any potential releases from the facility. Quintessa has extensive experience in integrated risk assessment, taking into account the operational and post-closure risks.

Quintessa has assessed the risks associated with the proposed backfilling of unstable salt caverns in the eastern Netherlands, using a backfill mix consisting predominantly of waste from an energy-from-waste plant. The assessment was a contribution to the AkzoNobel’s Pilot Cavern Stabilisation Twente (PSCT) project. Quintessa has also completed an initial risk assessment for the Chandler Facility, which Tellus proposes to construct and operate at a location in central Australia. The Chandler Facility is proposed to consist of an underground rock salt mine and complementary facility for the storage, recovery and permanent isolation of various categories of hazardous waste. Non-radioactive hazardous materials are also present in radioactive wastes. Quintessa is experienced with assessing risks to the environment arising from these non-radioactive hazardous materials should they be released from radioactive waste repositories.