This introduction video is a good place to start as it gives a brief tour of AMBER and shows you an example case.


In this video...
  • What is AMBER?
  • Introduction to our compartment model
  • Quick tour of the AMBER GUI
Key terms...
  • A Compartment Model represents the system as a series of well-mixed compartments and the transfers between them
  • Leaching is the process by which constituents of a solid material are released into a contacting fluid phase such as groundwater
  • An Aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock in which the permeability is sufficiently high to allow the potential exploitation of the water
  • Contaminants are the variables we are solving for in the model. A key property of the contaminants is that the amount present does not influence the behaviour (i.e. the calculation is linear)

This video covers the first part of section 5 of the User Guide, as well as some additional information.