Facilitation support for CoRWM

Quintessa is currently providing assistance to Catalyze Limited in the provision of facilitation support to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM).

The terms of reference for CoRWM require the committee to review the potential options for managing UK radioactive wastes and to recommend an option, or combination of options, that will protect people and the environment.

The final stage of Catalyze's work with Quintessa is taking place in December, through a series of specialist workshops that will deliver 'scores' for different long-term management options, for different waste categories, against the scales for different criteria that were defined earlier in the process. Quintessa is providing a facilitator and recorders for these final workshops, helping to ensure that the integrity of the process is maintained and that the evidence and rationales for judgments made in the scoring process are captured and recorded.

In the new year, following completion of the 'specialist strand' of CoRWM's work, it is planned that Quintessa will continue to provide facilitation support to the committee, through its Integration working group. During this final phase of CoRWM's overall programme, it is necessary to bring together the various outputs that have been delivered through various aspects of the committee's work over the last two years. Quintessa will assist in this process, with a particular emphasis on providing support in the area of multi-criteria analysis and its integration into the committee's decision making.