Free Downloadable Version Available for AMBER

A freely downloadable demonstration version has been developed for the AMBER compartment modelling software that Quintessa supports.

The Demonstration Version provides potential AMBER users with a restricted version of the software that demonstrates the software's capabilities.

The Demonstration Version includes instructions for creating an AMBER case from basics. In addition to the tutorial, the demonstration is accompanied by the following six simple example AMBER cases, further illustrating capabilities and including a restricted capacity for modification:

  • an implementation of a model developed for use within an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) training course on Safety Assessment of Near Surface Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities;
  • an implementation of Example Reference Biosphere 2A, produced within the IAEA's Biosphere Modelling and Assessment (BIOMASS) program;
  • an implementation of a model developed by Nuclear Energy Agency for the inter comparison of assessment codes, "PSACOIN 1B";
  • a simple model of C 14 migration in an aquatic system;
  • a biokinetic model for lead behaviour in the human body; and
  • a simple model incorporating a Gaussian plume model within an atmospheric deposition source term (file R91.cse).

The installation includes a User Manual that provides some background to AMBER, gives detailed step-by-step instructions for developing the demonstration tutorial case and briefly describes the example cases.