Graph Grabber 2.0 Released

A major update of Quintessa’s free Graph Grabber tool, which allows users to extract data points from a graph image, has been released. The update includes the addition of automatic curve detection as well as a full redesign of the user interface.

Graph Grabber is particularly useful if you wish to retrieve data from a published graph or graph image file but you do not have access to the original numerical data. The grabbed data points can be re-rendered and saved as a new image, or exported to a comma-separated text file to be opened in third-party spreadsheet software.

In previous versions of Graph Grabber it was necessary to manually click on data points to identify curves within the image. Graph Grabber 2.0 has the ability to automatically detect curves within the graph image, using computer visualisation techniques, with minimal interaction by the user.

Tutorial for Graph Grabber 2.0

Along with the major addition of automatic curve detection, other new features and updates include:

  • Design Updates
    • All buttons and dialogs in the user interface have been redesigned using a modern clean style.
  • Data Retrieval Updates
    • Data points can now be added to previously grabbed data series.
    • Selecting points in the data tree view now highlights them in the picture view. The points will also highlight when moved.
    • Hovering over a point shows its coordinate values.
    • Mouse coordinates are displayed in the status bar at all times.
  • General Updates
    • The user can now save a project file that includes any axes that have been specified and curves that have been grabbed, which can be re-opened and continued later.
    • Graph images can now be pasted in using ‘Open Image from Clipboard’.
    • The comma-separated value export now adjusts to your computer’s language settings.

You can find out more about the latest version and download the installer from the Graph Grabber homepage.