Graph Grabber Released

The first version of the free software application, Graph Grabber, has been released to facilitate the extraction of data from scanned graphs.

During our day-to-day consultancy activities we often find ourselves developing small software applications to help us complete frequently recurring tasks, such as manipulating data, developing content for reports and so on. We intend to package these applications and start making them freely available on our website in the hope that they will also be useful to others. The first of our applications that we have packaged for release is Graph Grabber.

Have you ever wanted to include a graph in a paper or report when you have lost or do not have access to the original numerical data? For example you might have a scanned copy of a graph at poor quality/resolution or have only an image file of the graph, which you would like to reformat but do not have the original data.

Graph Grabber is a tool that enables the user to retrieve data from graph images in the form of image files, scanned images from reports or papers and so on. It does this by allowing the user to import their graph image into the software and then trace over the image using various graphing tools to capture the data.

The application allows new graphs to be plotted using the recovered data or allows the user to export the data in CSV (comma separated value) format so that it can be imported in to standard spreadsheet packages.

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