Graph Grabber v1.5 Released

Quintessa is pleased to announce the latest update to Graph Grabber - a free downloadable program that enables the recovery of graph data from an image file.

Sometimes it is necessary to include a graph in a paper or report when there is no access to the original numerical data, and only a poor resolution image is available. To meet these needs, Quintessa developed Graph Grabber as part of its ongoing programme to develop a free library of useful, downloadable software applications. Version 1.0 was made available in October 2007 and since that time a number of people have taken advantage of the ability to trace image files of graphs, re-plot the data, and export it to a CSV files for use with other data in spreadsheet packages.

Released today, Version 1.5 expands Graph Grabber's capability with the ability to handle images with skewed or non-intersecting axes, and data points that lie beyond the labelled axis range. Along with a number of minor bug fixes, style options and improved error handling, Graph Grabber 1.5 delivers the brilliant yet simple capability of grabbing data from an even wider range of graphs, all for free.

You can find out more about the latest version and download the installer from the Graph Grabber homepage, where you can also find an updated User Guide.