Henley Schools Environmental Science Competition

The Awards Ceremony for the second run of this Competition took place on Wednesday 3rd June in the Henley Town Hall. Attended by some 80 people, the proceedings started with a lucid talk entitled "Climate Change and Water", by Dr Richard Harding, an eminent scientist the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, which is part of the Natural Environmental Research Council.

This was followed by excellent presentations from the four competing Henley area primary schools: Badgemore, Shiplake, Trinity and Valley Road, conducted almost entirely by the children. All were notable for the energy, commitment and enthusiasm with which the children, supported by teachers, had attacked their varied projects. These concerned topics as diverse as bird boxes, gardening, walking and school eco-status. Certificates, cash prizes and the prestigious Trophy were presented by the guest speaker, together with Dr David Hodgkinson of Quintessa (HSESC sponsors) and the deputy Mayor of Henley, Mrs Jenni Wood.

First prize and the coveted Trophy were awarded to Trinity School for their impressive walking project, with Badgemore, Shiplake and Valley Road Schools as joint runners-up. The general ambiance was wonderful, created by the warmth, interest, friendliness and generous spirit of the participating schoolchildren, amplified by the enthusiastic support of teachers, parents, grandparents and others.

The photograph shows all children comprising the 'teams' from the four participating schools taking part together with from left: David Clenshaw, Dr. Richard Harding, Jenni Wood, Dr. David Hodgkinson, Dr. John Thornley & Jackie Outram.