New AMBER Release

A new version of the AMBER compartment modelling tool has recently been released. AMBER is a generic tool that incorporates many powerful features that enable users to build, run and explore complex contaminant transport models.

AMBER has been used in a wide range of studies, including assessments for:

  • near-surface and geological radioactive waste disposal facilities (e.g. Beilong in China and SFR in Sweden);
  • contaminated land safety assessments (e.g. for Dounreay in the UK);
  • routine and accidental releases to atmosphere, freshwater and marine systems (e.g. for the UK Food Standards Agency);
  • accidental occupational exposures following pipe breaks in reactor buildings (e.g. for PBMR in South Africa); and
  • considering the environmental fate of organic pesticides (e.g. for the Environment Agency of England and Wales).

The AMBER 5 release extends AMBER's capabilities and incorporates many useful new features, including extending the availability concept for transfers to enable processes like irreversible sorption to be represented. In addition to the new technical features, the graphical user interface has been fully upgraded and the user documentation integrated and updated. The AMBER 5 upgrade is available free to all AMBER users with existing maintenance and support agreements. Those without AMBER agreements can try the new version by downloading a copy of the free demo.