Post-Closure Safety Case for the Dounreay Shaft

UKAEA has recently issued a contract to Quintessa to develop the next two issues of the Preliminary Post-Closure Safety Case (PCSC) for the Dounreay Shaft, building on our previous work to successfully establish the Preliminary PCSC for the Shaft.

Image Courtesy of Dounreay Restoration Site Ltd.

The work will involve maintaining and developing further the suite of Preliminary PCSC documents and associated performance assessment models through a key period of work to hydraulically isolate the Shaft. During this period, substantial amounts of additional information will be gathered and used to refine and strengthen the Preliminary PCSC. The work will also involve further targeted analysis to reduce key uncertainties in the long-term safety of the closed facility. The project will also involve contributing to the development of a comprehensive and consistent approach to performance assessment and PCSC documentation for the whole site.