TESLA Version 1.2 Launched

Quintessa is pleased to announce the release of TESLA 1.2, a decision support modelling application based on Evidence Support Logic. TESLA is a tool to assist in the evaluation of complex situations where there are multiple and sometimes conflicting sources of evidence, as well as residual uncertainty, that need to be taken into account.

The aim is to assist systems modellers and decision makers to document the logic and justification that underpins their reasoning, to identify and visualise potential sources of bias and their implications, and to provide a well documented audit trail back to the raw data.

TESLA supports:

  • Integration of data and expert judgement in interpretation and modelling;
  • Descriptions of the sufficiency and interdependency of individual sources of evidence relating to a defined hypothesis, or decision;
  • Explicit identification of the uncertainties associated with features, processes and characteristics of the system being evaluated;
  • Exploration of the significance of particular features or processes through sensitivity analysis;
  • Comparative analysis of alternative interpretations to allow ranking on the basis of evidence for, evidence against and remaining uncertainty; and
  • Identification of the most cost effective areas for targeting data acquisition in order to build confidence / reduce uncertainties in the system to an acceptable level for a decision to be made.

For more information, please contact tesla@quintessa.org.