Quintessa Revamps its Website

Quintessa's website has been evolving since its inception back in 1999, and we are pleased to announce that we have just launched the latest update to its design.

The Quintessa website remains an important means of:

This latest design update brings a number of improvements:

  • support for browsing using non-desktop browsers (e.g. touch screen devices such as phones and tablets);
  • improved load times for those accessing the site via slow connections;
  • search functionality enhancements;
  • better support for users of screen readers;
  • easier to find relevant content our website when searching the web though better support for search engine indexing; and
  • improved security, so you can have confidence that the website we deliver is the website you see - without interference from malicious software or browser plugins.

From a technical point of view, this update has been implemented by Quintessa staff, supported by placement students Sam Pearce and Natasha Javed from The University of Bath, following the principles of responsive web design and progressive enhancement.

We hope you like the updated design. If you'd like to provide any feedback, we'd be pleased to hear about it. Please send an email to Paul Suckling.