Quintessa supports the Northern Endurance Partnership through independent review of a Risk Management Plan

Quintessa has recently provided an independent review of containment risks in the Endurance aquifer for CO₂ storage of the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP)’s Carbon, Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) project.

The Northern Endurance Partnership is a consortium of leading energy companies, BP, National Grid, Equinor, Shell, Total and Eni, formed to accelerate the development of offshore transport and storage infrastructure for carbon emissions in the UK North Sea. The NEP, as a part of the East Coast Cluster (ECC), has been recently named as one of the UK’s first CCUS clusters following a successful bid to the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

As a part of the independent review process, Quintessa analysed the potential threats to the environment, uncertainties in defining the storage site and storage complex, and highlighted potential areas for further studies, data gathering and/or appraisal. Quintessa also participated in a workshop attended by the NEP consortium and the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) to present the key observations and recommendations arising from Quintessa’s independent review.

Quintessa’s participation in the project built on our existing expertise and knowledge in the sustainable utilisation of the subsurface, and demonstrated its continual commitment in providing a leading-edge scientific input and consultancy to facilitate a low carbon future.