Renato Zagorscak gives lecture at seminar on Climate Change in Civil Engineering

Renato Zagorscak was an invited speaker at the Climate Change in Civil Engineering Seminar Series organised by Brunel University London on 16th June 2022.

Renato Zagorscak was one of the invited speakers, with other lectures coming from a variety of academic and research organisations and consultancies, including HR Wallingford, the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Brunel University London’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The lectures covered the themes of analysing the influence of climate change in relation to risk assessment and adaptation, shallow landslides in permafrost regions, multi-hazard risk of compound hydroclimatic extremes and natural flood management. Renato presented on the topic of using the sub-surface to dispose of waste products produced by the energy transition from high-carbon to low-carbon energy sources. Renato’s lecture discussed the role of the sub-surface in the energy transition and the importance of sub-surface infrastructure, the key challenges in disposing the waste using the sub-surface and the way forward to ensure safe and sustainable disposal of waste products.