Sellafield Directors Forum

Sellafield Limited launched a number of new supply chain initiatives at its Director’s Forum at Energus in Workington on 28 September 2017. Quintessa’s James Penfold was amongst around 400 attendees who heard Sellafield’s Supply Chain team describe how the site intends to break down barriers for businesses looking to win work at the site, and foster a more collaborative approach to the site’s vast clean-up agenda.

Along with launching a new Supply Chain strategy, Sellafield have also begun to implement the LINC contracting route pioneered by Dounreay as a route for more flexible engagement with SMEs (small and medium size enterprises). The event also showcased some of the major projects that are currently a focus for the site’s decommissioning, as well as the “Enabling Innovation Framework” - under which Quintessa is a contract holder.