Sellafield Enabling Innovation Frameworks

Sellafield have awarded Quintessa a place on its Enabling Innovation Frameworks (EIF). The new EIF builds on the very successful pilot EIF. It involves companies working as a single integrated team, to provide a unique range of services across different functions and operating units within Sellafield covering strategy, operations, decommissioning, waste management and commercial.

The focus of the EIF is on the start of the project value curve, where small upfront investments and innovations can lead to better outcomes. This includes problem framing and definition, outlining innovative concepts and solutions, strategy development and options assessment. The EIF can also provide on-going targeted interventions throughout the project lifecycle and can help projects facing challenges, including stalled projects.

Unique features of the EIF are as follows:

  • Highly responsive - zero to project start in as little as five days.
  • Access to a unique range of skills and expertise not available from a single company or via other frameworks.
  • All companies on the framework working as a single integrated team to provide the best possible solutions.
  • Capabilities, working approach and environment support development of simple, fit-for-purpose, more innovative solutions.
  • Detailed knowledge of regulatory environment, basis for standards, and domain expertise supports development of ALARP arguments to underpin fit-for-purpose, innovative solutions.


Image courtesy of Sellafield Limited.