Support for the Identification of the End State of the Dounreay Site

NDA is requiring site licensees to develop proposals for the End State of its sites, working with local stakeholder groups.

The identification of a preferred End State (the physical condition of the site when decommissioning is finished) is required by early 2007. NDA will then seek to reconcile the recommendations and use them in the development of its strategy. There is consequently a requirement for sites to further develop the details of the proposed End State so that it can be properly integrated into site plans.

UKAEA Dounreay has led the way in the development of End States, first publishing its suggestions six years ago in the Dounreay Site Restoration Plan. This was supported by a programme of supporting activities, including the characterisation of the site and detailed assessments of the long term safety and environmental performance of the site.

UKAEA has now awarded a contract to Quintessa (with support from Faulkand Associates and URS Corporation) to support UKAEA's work over the next three years in relation to the identification of the End State of the Dounreay site, and the development of an accompanying safety assessment and safety case.

Details of the End State study are published on the Dounreay Stakeholder Group's website and UKAEA's website

Image Courtesy of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd & NDA