TESLA now available for download

TESLA, Quintessa's software tool designed to aid the process of complex decision making, is available to download as a restricted trial version from the new-look TESLA website.

This restricted version is completely free and allows the user to:

  • construct new decision trees with a limit of 10 sub-hypotheses;
  • view decision trees saved by a licensed copy of TESLA;
  • produce various plots to analyse the decision;
  • print out decision trees and plots;
  • try out all of the available propagation methods, including Evidence Support Logic (ESL) and Multi-Attribute Analysis (MAA).

A licensed version of TESLA unlocks all of the restrictions of the trial version, allowing you to construct decision trees of any size and edit existing trees. If you already own a TESLA licence you can log in to the website, edit your details, view your licence, renew it or purchase extra propagation methods for it. For more information about TESLA, please contact tesla@quintessa.org.